Super 50 Pack

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to take a virtual live class, here’s your answer. Not everyone is comfortable jumping online and dancing, however, live instruction is helpful to understand what you can do to grow and how you can apply feedback.

Now you can experience the live dance classes that I’ve taught on Moxie for the past year. I have over 100 dance classes and counting, fully recorded where I taught live students in Belly Dance, Hula, Tahitian, and Samba! You can watch these videos whenever your schedule suits you for up to a year after purchasing your monthly subscription for my Super 50 Pack.

With the Super 50 Pack, you get 50 passes to view any pre-recorded class listed on Moxie. You can also use one of your passes to take a live class with me. These passes expire 365 days after your first month of purchase. Join my network today and let’s get dancing! Click here for more information – Moxie Super 50 Pack.


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