Kinikia is a professional Hula dancer in the Mid-Atlantic area. She has performed countless hundreds of shows throughout the area for both large and small audiences. Kinikia has helped lead many groups in the area from their early beginnings. She currently performs solo dance shows and mentors her young children in the Polynesian arts.



I would love to perform for your occasion. My show consists of a 45-minute dance segment that includes:

  • Dances from Hawaii, Tahiti, and New Zealand
  • Audience participation after each island segment with several dance demonstrations
  • Recognition of guest of honor
  • 15 minutes after the show for photo ops
  • Explanation of dances – Hawaii (Hula dances with dance implements, modern Hula style, and Kahiko which is traditional chant dance), Tahiti (From the islands of Tahiti which includes drum dances and lyrical dances), and New Zealand (Haka dance of the Maori people in the style of the woman dances)
  • An optional small sound system at no cost if no sound system is provided for the duration of the show.

This includes one dancer in an authentic costume.

I have performed throughout the Mid-Atlantic regions with a wide reception and have worked alongside the best Hula dancers in this area, mentoring many dancers in the region. Mahalo for your consideration.

Best regards,


DC Hippodrome Variety Shows

Follow me on Instagram @KinikiaLK or Facebook @DCHippodromeforTropicalShows to learn more about me. I also have an instructional video for how to dance to the Hawaiian Wedding Song on Udemy. Follow me on LinkTree.

Aloha Girl Package-

Solo dancer 45 minutes

Presentation of Hawaiian,

Tahiti, Tokelau and

Maori dances

Audience Participation