Kinikia is a samba dancer in the Mid-Atlantic area. She performs Brazilian Carnivale style samba, great for the whole family or for a heritage celebration.


I would love to perform for your occasion. My show consists of a 20-minute dance segment which includes:

  • Dances from Brazil – Samba
  • Audience Practice for the Salsa or line dance of Samba-Huh
  • Recognition of guest of honor
  • 15 minutes after the show for photo ops
  • An optional small sound system at no cost if no sound system is provided for the duration of the show.

This includes one dancer in an authentic costume.

I have performed throughout the Mid-Atlantic regions and love Samba! Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,


DC Hippodrome Variety Shows

Follow me on Instagram @KinikiaLK or Facebook @DCHippodromeforTropicalShows to learn more about me. I also have an instructional video for how to dance to the Hawaiian Wedding Song on Udemy. Follow me on LinkTree.

Solitario Package-

1 solo dancer 20 minutes

Samba dances

Latin Fusion Dances

Audience Teachings

A favorite for Fiesta shows!