Hula Ka ‘Uli’Uli

I’m excited to perform again this summer. We are starting up with more socially distanced live performances. It’s still a challenge with the reintroduction of social events, but we’re off to a good start.

I’m especially happy that my daughter will be joining me for some events. She’s already danced with me in one as a young adult/teenager. My son is also accompanying for some events as the sound technician and photographer.

The ‘uli’uli is a dance implement for Hula dancers to dance on stage with. It rattles and the feathered gourds represent flowers or pua. There are usually a pair of ‘uli’uli for dances. They can be used in both Hula ‘Auana and Hula Kahiko. In this case, I am using one ‘uli’uli for the train dance ‘O Lanakila ke ka’a ‘ahi ali’i. When using one ‘uli’uli, high attention to beats and synchronization is even more important.

In this video, I am using a brand new ‘uli’uli. I think the size might have been too small, as the feathers didn’t shake as freely as my former pair. It could have just been they had been stored too long in a box for shipment. Take a look.


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