Hula for the Young and Old

Available Now on Vimeo: The Hawaiian Wedding Dance Tutorial 

It is an honor to share the Aloha spirit, dancing the Hula and other Polynesian dance arts for senior homes and the residents that reside. Many people have visited Hawaii and other islands for vacation, living, or military stations. It is a nice experience to share with people who are living their golden years.

Lots of times, we get busy in our days and forget about the people who helped us accomplish what we’ve arrived at in our lives. It’s important to remember that age is something constant and that in all our stages of life, the most vulnerable time was when we were young children and when we become old. Children and the elderly are the audiences I most desire to share these dances.

Hawaiian dances are magical and nostalgic. Children are engaged and love it and I cannot explain why it relates to them as much as it does to an elderly person. The next time you are thinking about presenting an event for children, the elderly, or combined ages, think of giving the experience of Hula.



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