Samba Shows and What to Expect

So, from being an avid Tahitian dancer, the transition to Samba was quite natural. Brazilian Samba has had quite an influence on modern Tahitian dance. This is not saying, traditional Tahitian dance doesn’t stand alone. It actually makes watching traditional dance with very little outside influences even more special. Still watching how Polynesian dance, like every other culture in the world, adapt to the age and times of life is rather exciting.

Traditional Samba dance and the costumes can be quite surprising to a western audience. In terms of Carnivale dance, costumes can be quite revealing. It is part of the culture and it isn’t viewed as a shameful thing. Be specific about costume expectations when booking a show. Some dancers might take offense, especially if they are native Brazilian. Please be understanding of that possibility and try to work with the dancers so that it is an amicable agreement for both parties.

I have googled Asian Samba dancers and found that despite the more stereotypical “conservative” cultures of Asians, the Asian dancers who perform Carnivale Samba are willing to adhere to the native custom. As much as I try for authenticity, I still have to be me. I’m willing to wear the sequined tops, but I much prefer to wear shorts or a dress for a Samba performance whenever I am booked for a show.

Unless you book a group of dancers, the show will be much shorter than a Belly Dance or Hawaiian Hula show. Samba is very athletic and cardio. It is definitely graceful and exciting, but the dancers make it look easy. Imagine the energy that they are putting out. Asking someone to perform a 45-minute dance with that level of intensity is a lot to ask. There will be lots of audience participation which is not only fun, but it also gives the dancer a breather. I love performing and teaching the Samba Huh line dance.



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