The Best Family-Friendly Line Dances

Line dances are easy-to-learn dances that you can do for audience participation, exercise, or celebrating a special occasion like a wedding. They are done at school events and most dance performances outside of theater dance usually include an audience participation of some sort.

My favorite “line dance” to perform at a Luau show is The Hukilau. Here are some other great line dances that are popular and fun to do for all ages.

The Cupid Shuffle

This is a classic and people in the mid-Atlantic area love this party dance. I have even performed in shows where we used it as a Tahitian audience participation. Instead of the regular steps seen here, we would apply simple-to-follow Tahitian moves. It made the audience segment more relatable.

The Sid Shuffle from Iceage

Kids love this one. The moves are super easy and almost everyone can do this. Step up, wiggle your wrists (that’s the Sid). Step back, do the Sid. Step left and back in and “drift” to the left. Repeat on the right side. Then jump criss-cross and your going to wave your arm like a big trunk (that’s the Mammoth). Repeat on the other side. Then jump two times going to the front while raising the roof, shake your romp, and then you’re going to walk like you’re using a cane to the 1/3 turn to the right (like a granny) and repeat the whole thing again facing the side.

The Cha Cha Slide

This is a fun line dance. It’s still available for anyone to do, but it’s more challenging than the Cupid Shuffle. Just remember every time you do the cha-cha, that’s your cue that you’re about to face the next side.

Samba Huh

This one is not for the beginner line dancer. Some background in ballroom Samba might help, but it’s not necessary. The biggest challenge in this dance is the memorization of choreography and coordination. Once achieved, this dance is a fun and satisfying line dance that most people can’t do.


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