2020 Dance Resolutions

Have you made efforts into starting the ball on your New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you didn’t make any, but if you didn’t here’s where you can start. Let’s start off right by feeling good and making commitments, not just to others but to ourselves.

Many of us are still recovering from the excitement of the holidays and probably strapped for cash. So, getting started on some New Year’s dance or fitness resolutions are probably the last things on our minds. But for most of us, the best way to kick our own butts in gear is to fully commit. Signing up for an 8-10 week course could be the answer.

I’ll start with what I’m doing. Years ago, I was visiting New York taking some dance classes from the pros. An acquaintance commented, “Why are you still taking dance classes? You graduated with a dance degree, you should know everything already.” I was taken aback. Yes, I did graduate with a dance degree, but that doesn’t mean training stops. Even the topmost performers in the industry still take classes. In fact, all industry professionals keep up with their training as regulations change for everything. Doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, vets, technicians, IT personnel, all have to stay up-to-date with their industry requirements in order to work. It’s the way it goes. And in dance, you especially must keep up with trends, corrections to technique, and progressions and modifications as the body changes or ages.

That being said, I am excited to attend a salsa event every Thursday night at Uptown Valley. This is perfect for me and my husband. It’s going to be relaxed and fun while still stimulating. It also comes with a free drink ticket. Woohoo!

For my Christmas gift, I received a swing dance lesson. It’s a weekly course that spans two months. (Thank you, Mardy!) My husband will be attending that with me again at a local dance studio in Woodbridge. And I was spoiled again with a drop-in class card for 10 classes at the same studio. I am so inspired. This will help me stay upbeat, in shape, and ready for the work and passion of my own dance.

If you don’t want to take classes or cannot at this time, consider YouTube videos, online tutorials – both recorded and live streaming, or a dance DVD. It’s better than nothing. Visit my Vimeo page for online dance tutorials. Here is a sample below.

Ballet Practice with Kinikia

Happy 2020!


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