Dance Practice for Every Day Living

Whether you are a seasoned professional dancer, a hobbyist, or just trying to live healthy and find dance a great alternative to the gym, to keep your skills honed you must keep up a dance practice. Dance practice is the work you do on your own outside of your instructors, coaches, or performances. Here are some online ideas for what anyone can do to ensure they are keeping up their health, technique, and passion for dance when there is no one else offering guidance.

Online Dance Games

Online Dance Games – This may seem silly, but the world of interactive online gaming is a fun way to keep your body in check when you aren’t in class. Zumba in particular started this trend although not all of the streaming games are specifically Zumba. If you have the gaming systems available (and nowadays, the power of online streaming and online gaming is more accessible than ever) consider investing in a few games. There are many choices since the days of Just Dance. This includes YouTube, Amazon, and Google.

Online Streaming Classes – There are legitimate online streaming classes out there. Some are geared towards children, adults, and all ages. Outlets can range from national to local. National ones can include teachers from around the globe. While local ones refer to specific dance studios or organizations that offer online streaming as an incentive for joining their club. Dance Plug, Hip Shake Fitness, and LearntoDance are examples of some online platforms for classes at home. I teach online at Outschool, but it’s only for children at this time. I will be offering online streaming classes or pre-recorded videos for all ages soon. More news to come!

Online Video Purchases – Check out Amazon for their extensive library of free online dance videos and paid instructional videos that you can view from your Amazon Prime library. Again, YouTube offers a lot of free content and Vimeo does as well.

I hope these ideas help. Of course, none of this is intended to replace attending live dance events, socials, competitions, or dance classes in a studio. If you are self-disciplined enough to keep your dance practice up without any assistance, you might not need this list. But if you’ve been dancing for many years or just getting started and you want to include this, online opportunities can provide a motivation that you might not do by yourself.

Check out my Vimeo tutorials that I offer for purchase.


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