Wedding Planning and Hiring a Dancer for Entertainment

If you are planning a wedding this spring or summer here are some tips that will help assure the process goes smoothly.

Depending on your budget you may want to hire a wedding planner or event specialist. This can be costly as an average event planner’s hourly wage ranges from $17-$32 depending on experience and if they are in demand. The pro – a lot of the stress of organizing and detailing is taken off of your shoulders. If you forgo a wedding planner, keep in mind all the things to consider when dealing with a bigger budget wedding. You don’t always have to go large. After all the average cost of weddings in the US ranges from $137 – $271.

The first step: What kind of wedding do you want?

  • Small/intimate gathering at a home
  • Small/intimate gathering at a unique site
  • Elope to St. Thomas or some other world destination
  • Elope to an off the beaten path place in the mountains or lakes
  • Large at-home big budget wedding
  • At a church, at an alternative venue
  • A wedding specified venue

Once decide your budget and chosen a final date for the wedding, you’ll need to work with a venue with the availability you need. I would pick the date first and narrow down venues that suit your schedule. Keep in mind that many venues and vendors for weddings book fast and will need several months notice and a deposit for holding the date. Now depending on what will make the day a memory for all ages based on the personalities of you and your future spouse, take these next steps.

  • Hire a caterer or figure out what to do about food.
  • Hire a photographer. No matter what your budget is, shell out the money for a photographer. This is a once (hopefully) in a lifetime moment that is special and dear. Do it.
  • Hire entertainment such as a DJ and/or dancers. Hello! I have performed and helped coordinate weddings for years.
  • Do you want flower arrangements and/or a theme such as beach, floral, colors, etc.
  • Pick out your dress/suit, bridal and groom party outfits.
  • Order the cake.
  • Figure out a registry. Do not be too modest. Your guests will want to help you with the initial journey of your marriage. Pick an arrangement of items with varying prices for a people with diverse monetary means.
  • Set your honeymoon. Decide if after the wedding suits your schedule and financial means or if delaying a honeymoon can offset the money you spend on the actual wedding.
  • Pick out the rings.
  • Decide on the invitations and send them out. Note, I put this list on the bottom. I think doing this last after everything else will ease the stress of it all. However, some people like the caterer and florist need a better idea beforehand about the amount of guests attending.

Book your entertainment early. Yes, even musicians, dancers, deejays get booked far in advanced for weddings. These are the last pieces of the puzzle to enhance the day for yourself, your partner, your family, and guests. You can view profiles on many sites like Gig Salad.

Kinikia World Dance offers many solo dance packages to keep the dance entertained during the reception. While the dancer engages the audience, the bride could take the opportunity to change and become the star of the show herself from learning the Hawaiian Wedding Dance Tutorial. You don’t need to have a full-blown luau theme to do this dance. The Hawaiian Wedding Song is timeless and is about the love of the bride and groom. Dance packages are customized for every budget and every area.

Good luck on this very special day! And happy wedding planning.


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