Belly Dance Fitness

I’m teaching my adult Belly Dance Fitness again. Previously, taught at Glen Echo Park, Belly Dance Fitness is now on Moxie with me! You can catch all my classes on subscription. Weekly for only $10 or monthly (best deal) for $35 a month. Take group lessons or private lessons all on Moxie.

Belly Dance Fitness


Belly Dance is an art form stemming from Middle Eastern dance cultures throughout Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and many other countries with similar backgrounds. The term Raqs Sharqi is the formal name of this type of dance involving specified movements with the hips, shoulders, and stomach. There is a lot involved in relation to types of Raqs Sharqi and ceremonial dances. Egyptian Cabaret style is the most classical form of Raqs Sharqi. This is a high arts type of dance performed on stage and at prestigious venues throughout the world in a theatrical setting. There are also many fusion dances specifically in the west such as Tribal Belly Dance. This class draws from various styles of Belly Dance for a full-body workout. Begin with an easy warm-up, stretches, isolations, learn fun techniques and combinations. Unwind and dance with me!


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