Happy November

I hope everyone had a fabulous October and enjoyed Halloween. This year, Halloween was very different from past ones that we celebrated. It is one of my favorite festivities and my family, like many others, accommodated accordingly for COVID-19.

We still enjoyed dressing up, laying out candy on a table for potential trick-or-treaters, and had a candy hunt for the kids in our own backyard. Sanitizer was the most used commodity along with face masks. Our choice of horror movie included the action-packed film The Babysitter.

Family portrait on Halloween

Beyond that, I enjoyed dressing up every day in a different costume while teaching classes via https://moxie.xyz/fiestadancers. Moxie created the contest for instructors. They are donating $500 to the winner’s choice of charity. I didn’t win, but enjoyed dressing up. I taught four classes and wore a different outfit each time. I was Ursula the Sea Witch, Artemis, the Corpse Bride, and I put together a Day of the Dead attire.

I am not done trying to fundraise. For the month of December, I am donating 10% of sales from my eBook, The Crescent by Cynthia Lin available on Amazon (cost is only $2.99 to own) to the National California American Diabetes Association. Help me raise money for this incredible cause.

Iolana is working her dream job. She is a dancer aboard a cruise ship. This is the dream job most people never get. She gets attention just because she’s a dancer in the evening production shows. Everyone wants to meet her and get to know her. This is a far cry from the small-town life of Crescent, VA where she came from.

Suddenly, the world is seized in a pandemic that changes everything for everyone. Iolana can’t be reached by her mother. No one back home in rural Crescent is acting normal. There are wildlife threats, simmering resentments between the townsfolk against the recent city slicker transplants, and a gun-toting town idiot.

Now stranded aboard a large Petri dish for the virus responsible for the global lockdown, Iolana yearns for her quiet life back home in Crescent. Come experience life in Crescent, VA as Iolana’s family works to locate their daughter enjoy meeting the neighbors, the workers, the small business owners, and the farmers of this little piece of Americana.

I am still offering 10% of my monthly subscription earnings for my Moxie classes to donate for Takis Shelter from October through December. If you haven’t tried out one of my online classes, I’ll guarantee you’ll have fun. Use promo code https://get.moxie.xyz/fiestadancers for $7 off a trial class. My monthly subscription fee is $35. If you enjoy class, consider becoming a monthly subscriber. I host 2-4 classes a week at least. This includes my Ballet Fit and Tone, Belly Dance Fitness, Tahitian Dance Drills, Learn Hula Auana, Learn Hula Kahiko, Stretch for Dancers, and Samba Blast classes. Not only will you learn new steps and become more comfortable in these dance styles, you’ll get in shape fast.

Stay safe and have a Happy Upcoming Thanksgiving!


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