Commitment Expectations for Dance Students Online

This year we have learned how to live at home, work at home, and take class at home. While non-traditional learning platforms have erupted over the internet, one thing should remain the same. Student etiquette is an essential component of successful learning programs. As an instructor for school or enrichment program works to organize their schedule, build their curriculum, and structure every class for optimal performance for the ease of virtual learners, class etiquette for students also need to transfer to this type of learning.

The following are my opinions for what needs to happen as far as a student role is concerned.

  1. Read the cancellation and refund policies for any paid program. Your payment and/or registration for an online class is your commitment. Refund policies exist for a reason. I understand the challenges of virtual learning for parents. I am a parent myself. However, the teachers and instructors are also milling their way through this new virtual setting of all of ours. Make sure you understand your rights for any refunds if a cancellation or missed class occurs.
  2. Attend class. Once again, registering for class means that is a commitment from you or your child as the student to show up.
  3. Participate in class as expected. A class outline should have been presented prior to any registration. Most classes offer a way for students or parents to communicate any questions prior to registration or commencement of class. Instructors can offer progressive exercises for challenging movements catered to the individual student if necessary.
  4. Communicate in a cordial manner. Remember, online instructors are still human. Most, like me, will try to accommodate and give second chances for missed classes or schedule requests. There is a limit on how much we can accommodate or how many second chances are offered for missed classes.
  5. Accommodate your own environment for the structure of class. Even though we are not in a studio setting, both the teacher and the student must be aware of how to execute participation in accordance to their home surroundings. IE, if you are in a ballet class, utilize a rail, a chair, or another prop at home for barre exercises. If you are attending a yoga or tumbling class, make sure you have a soft area to perform the exercises or a mat.
  6. Behavior modification. Always remember, you are still in a class. Treat it like so. Please respect the teacher when they are giving instruction. This will keep the class progressing and both you and the instructor will gain a higher feeling of fulfillment when we’ve all done our best.

In many ways, dance or any instruction online nowadays have been a new world that we are still wading through. But it is also a new advantage. Students who were not offered learning opportunities for dance or other types of enrichment can take advantage of all that is being offered online due to lockdown. I hope we all stay safe and sane through the end. Take care and have a great class!

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