About Hoop Dance!


My name is Kinikia.

I am from Northern VA and previously Baltimore, MD. I have been involved in dance and movement arts all my life. I came across hoop dance while contracted for a traveling dance theater company. One of the performers chose to hula hoop for their warm-up before a performance each night. I love flow arts such as poi spinning and hula hooping just reminded me of when I was a kid. I picked it up and have been hooked ever since.

I have tried to include Hula hooping in my showcases whenever appropriate and however creatively I could involve it. My company DC Hippodrome Variety Show Ent., LLC  has three subsets of dance entertainment that focuses on the world arts-Polynesian Dance Arts, Latin and Caribbean, and Belly Dance.

Please visit my site if you would like to learn more about me and these art forms.

DC Hippodrome Variety Show Ent., LLC-www.dchippodrome.org

I’m also on facebook and would love to interact with anyone there.

Thanks for visiting. You can send me your details if you are a hooper in the DC, VA, MD area and I will link your website here.

Yours in aloha!


Thanks to Jessie Newburn for her early stage work in promoting the regional hooping community. Below is some information on Jessie.

“My hometown zone is Columbia, Md., and I post notices about hula hooping activities in the DC Metro area. I love to hula hoop and to hoop dance, which is an amazingly fun combination of exercise, personal expression and playfulness.

Here are some hoop resources I’ve created in recent years; they are for novice and experienced hoopers alike —

Happy hooping,


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