Native American Hoop Dances on YouTube

A lot of people think Hoola Hooping originated from a 1950’s toy company. The toy hula hoop and succeeding exercise hoops were inspired or appropriated depending on who is telling the story from Native American traditions using hoops. You can find historical recordings of how Tony White Cloud accidentally invented the prototype for the modern Hoop Dance. Traditional use of hoops included healing rituals. The hoop represents life as there is no beginning, middle, or end. We all have our own beginning, middle, and the end to our own life cycle, but in the scheme of life in the world, our story can take place in any realm of the history of life.

Hoop Dance is still a phenomenal and fun way to lose weight or get into dancing. Most Hoop Dancers who never enjoyed dancing have maintained that they now love dance. It has also helped people learn how to listen to music and hear the beat in it, when previously in their life, they had no concept.

I definitely recommend Hoop Dance for an exercise regiment, an innovative approach to performance, dancing, meditating, or just as a fun hobby. It’s always good to have a foundation whenever you start something new. Learning a small bit of history is a good way to start your research. I encourage some knowledge about the background of Hoop Dance as with all things. Here is a small list of YouTube videos depicting the culture of Native Americans in Hoop Dance. I hope it inspires further research while you explore your Hoop Dance interest.


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