Ballet Practice With Kinikia

Ballet Practice with Kinikia

I have a few dance workout videos available soon on my Udemy page. The purpose of these videos is to share technique and practice skills for people across the nation. This is supplementary dance practice as live classes are preferred for the best dance training. If there are no classes available in your area, online live classes are the next best thing.

I currently teach with Outschool and if your child is interested in learning Ballet, they can register for my Ballet classes here. Other dance classes such as Hula and Belly Dance are also offered from time to time. Ballet is a great foundation for children interested in any dance style.

Don’t fret if you are an adult and looking for online tutorials. Visit my Vimeo page above. Contact me and we schedule private or group classes on Google Hangouts, FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom. Nowadays, there are many online streaming platforms that we can choose to share information more efficiently.

Take a look at what I can offer at Although, I perform primarily in the Polynesian, Belly Dance, or Afro-Brazilian arts, I have a vast background and teach many dance styles. Follow me for upcoming dance tutorials that I will continue to bring online.


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