Stretches At Home for Increased Flexibility

Stretching is a great benefit to dancers, athletes, and every day folk throughout their lives.

  • It alleviates back pain
  • Increases flexibility
  • Creates a larger range of motion
  • Helps performance in any physical activity
  • Increases blood flow to your muscles

Stretching is actually a necessity for life. Warning: Some adult language in this video.

David Goggins – How to Increase Flexibility
After a warm-up, which helps prevents muscle pulling during your stretch routine, stretch the large muscles on your legs first.
Quad stretches for the large muscle located on the front of your leg/thigh.
Stretch the hamstrings located on the back of the leg, calves, and inner thighs.
Always include lower back stretches. This is where most people experience back injuries.
The key to workouts and stretches is balance. Always work/stretch the opposite body part.
Remember to stretch your shoulders and arms as well.
A long neck is important for expressive movement in dance. Stretch your neck carefully.

Try to allot 10-15 minutes at least for stretching each day. You will see an increase in flexibility if you do this consistently.


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