Hula Dance – Start with This

If you want to learn Hawaiian Hula, here is a basic guide to start with for your new dance journey.

The first thing is to read up on Hawaiian culture. Not everyone has the resources to visit Oahu where they can catch shows and tour the Polynesian Culture Center. Understanding the diverse Polynesian cultures of the islands is a great way to familiarize yourself with customs, food, and cultural references of the Hawaiian music.

It’s very common for dancers to also be musicians. The ukulele is a very affordable instrument to buy compared to other musical instruments. There are a lot of YouTube videos that offer free lessons to get you started in case your local music store does not offer ukulele lessons. It would be helpful if you have some background knowledge on Hawaiian music. I created a short Spotify list of some classic Hawaiian songs. Get yourself familiar with them.

There is a large extensive dictionary for Hawaiian Hula steps via I find these terms more helpful if you’ve already learned Hula in class. keeps a list of halaus or Hawaiian Hula dance schools for each state. Check out Facebook for social media resources.

You can learn Hula online, but as a beginner you need critique from a qualified instructor.

I do offer Hawaiian courses and tutorials online. These type of tutorials are to practice learning specific choreography. I do work on technique and instruction for new students, however, again it’s video and not live. If you have a young child who is interested in learning the dance, they may learn live online with me through Outschool. Good luck on this new and exciting venture.

Hawaiian Wedding Dance Tutorial on Vimeo

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