Virtual Performances

I’ve been extremely lucky at succeeding in virtual teaching for dance in Hula, Yoga, Cheer Dance, Ballet, and Fitness. I have been missing the performance life, I must confess. Many entertainers, artists, and performers who worked locally have been finding alternative methods of making a living online from what they know. We are regular people just like you, who have been contributing in more ways than one for our own communities.

When I’m not teaching, I’m finding other means of work online to help support my family. My other profession is realty. And many of you know that COVID-19 restrictions have put a wrench in the industry, same as many other businesses. (It’s very ironic because I just certified as a Military Relocation Professional prior to lock downs. MRP’s specialize in virtual and online business practices for out-of-staters.) I have been doing what I can to provide support for my neighbors, local restaurants (some of which are delivering, or dropping off orders in the parking lot), and contributing when I can to non-profits that have been especially hit hard. And my neighbors have been doing the same for me.

Some entertainers, their entire bread and butter was performing for live events. And they are still contributing to the community. I see my friends on social media, doing their due diligence, staying home, planting, fostering pets, adopting pets, lending a hand where they can. They became artists because they were good at it and they wanted to share beauty with the world.

Recently, I was informed that GigSalad, one of my main vendors for booking show opportunities was offering virtual bookings. I am ecstatic that we as a world, a people are continually adapting and improving in the face of adversity. So, if you have the means and technical capabilities, please consider booking a performer for your next birthday, a special surprise for your upcoming little graduate (who’s going to have the most memorable graduation of the century), or anniversary.

This is the link to my online GigSalad profile. You can always contact me here at my website as well. I perform Hula, Belly Dance, Samba, and can teach a virtual class via Zoom or some other video chat platform. Check out GigSalad for more performers and entertainers for every kind of genre. Stay safe and happy.


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