Whether you are participating in one of my Cheer Dance sessions or just bored at home. Here is cute way to make your own pom poms. If you’re an adult and you want to hangout in the background while your child takes Cheer Dance, shhhh! We won’t tell.

Cheer Dance is fun and great exercise so why not join in the fun? Also, don’t get left out if you don’t have your own poms. Just make your own. Here’s how.

Gather a magazine or newspaper (magazine pages work best), a pair of scissors, and some regular scotch tape.

  1. From your magazine, gather three to four pages depending on how full you want your pom and how thick you can safely cut. Separate the pages carefully from the magazine without tearing.
  2. Place the pages together and horizontally. Begin cutting 3/4 inch thick strips leaving an inch margin at the top.
  3. When all strips are cut and still attached to the margin, begin folding in, creating a makeshift handle for your pom.
  4. Take the tap and wrap up the handle tightly. Voila! You have a pom. Now do the same with another 3-4 pages from your magazine.
  5. Check out my YouTube video for virtual instructions.
DIY Poms

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