Best Animated Musical Theater Films

I have been teaching musical theater classes on Zoom during the Covid-19 lock down. In this class, we encompass the many components that students must delve into. This includes, dance, acting, and singing. In musical theater the challenge with dances include singing while performing a routine. To keep it engaging since the class is geared towards a young audience, many of whom may not have had opportunities to watch the classics or gone and seen a live performance, I’ve included animated musicals.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite musical films. Most are Disney productions. This list could go on forever. I’m limiting it to five favorites.

  • Moana – This film is so dear to me. I love Polynesian dance and culture.
  • Sing – I chose this because it was a rare opportunity to sing and practice popular music.
  • Frozen – Not my favorite, but kids love the songs and the film franchise.
  • The Lion King – To be honest, I have not yet viewed the 2019 updated live animation version. I heard the music was incredible. But the original Lion King music is also classic.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is my go-to film every Halloween for kids of all ages.

What’s your favorite animated or non-animated musical? List your favorites in the comments.


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