Dance Exercises for Longevity

Here are some great exercises every day people and dancers can do to help with longevity in health and reduction in stress. A lot of these exercises are common and beneficial for athletes such as runners, gymnasts, and swimmers as well as every day folks who are interested in maintaining their flexibility and improving their immune system. Along with eating right and sleeping, exercise greatly maintains and increases your immune system, which is extremely important in today’s world.

Ab Crunches

Strong stomach muscles help support your back and increases your energy. There are many ways to strengthen those tummy muscles. Here are several examples to try.

  1. Elbow to knee ab crunches.
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2. Plank hold. You can do these with the arms extended fully as well as with the elbows into the body with bent arms as pictured below. Hold for at least a minute.

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3. Keep abs engaged throughout workouts if you want to avoid regular crunches.

Short 6-minute workout


There are many ways to do push-ups. Push-ups strengthen the entire upper body, including the arms, back, and chest. Push-ups are great for your heart. You should still do cardio workouts, but if you have to skip cardio, make sure to do at least 10 push-ups.

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Breakdance is a great way to increase upper body strength and engage the lower body at the same time.

Toe Touch Stretch

All stretches benefit your health. This stretch in particular alleviates strength and consistent stretching in this position increases your flexibility which will reduce injuries.

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This stretch is the most challenging for people who do not usually stretch, but it is the most fundamental of all stretches.


Plies are the fundamentals for ballet and all dance forms. Learn how to properly execute plies.

Plie means to bend

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