Stretch for Dancers

Join me on Moxie for fitness, stretch, and dance classes. I love dancing and working out. I will be teaching a variety of classes each week. Right now, save money on weekly subscriptions for only $10 a week or $35 dollars a month.

Stretch for Dancers


If you are dancing, working out, do any type of exercise, or even if you are not very active, your body needs stretching. This is a 20-minute focus on exercises, ergonomic movement, and stretch warm-ups essential for workout longevity. Increase flexibility in the hips, shoulders, hamstrings while strengthening your ankles. Utilize these types of exercises before your other Moxie classes.

Flexibility and stretched muscles will take your body a long way when it comes to your health.

Read what Harvard Health has to say about the importance of stretching. Benefits include increasing or maintaining mobility and range of motions.

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