Dance With Me On Moxie

I have been blessed with opportunities teaching dance with some of the most highly-esteemed dance studios, aftercare enrichment programs, and online via Outschool. Now that we live in a virtual world, more or less, the stigma of video dance classes has lessened. It is now a necessity for all dance instructors to know how-to’s of navigating online streaming and live video chat classes.

I’m returning to adult instruction. I’ve missed it from my days teaching at Glen Echo Park and other similar dance places. Moxie is an online video streaming platform that I previously mentioned as a resource for online dance learning.

My first class is scheduled for Tuesday, September 15, 2020, at 6 PM eastern time.


Belly Dance is an art form stemming from Middle Eastern dance cultures throughout Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, and many other countries with similar backgrounds. The term Raqs Sharqui is the formal name of this type of dance involving specified movements with the hips, shoulders, and stomach. There is a lot involved in relation to types of Raqs Sharqi and ceremonial dances. Egyptian Cabaret style is the most classical form of Raqs Sharqi. This is a high arts type of dance performed on stage and at prestigious venues throughout the world in a theatrical setting. There are also many fusion dances specifically in the west such as Tribal Belly Dance. Your local studio may offer specific styles like Turkish Belly Dance or a variety of styles. This class draws from various styles of Belly Dance for a full-body workout. Begin with an easy warm-up, stretches, isolations, learn fun techniques and combinations.

Important Information

– This class will be held on Moxie.
– You will receive an email reminder a few hours before the class.
– Moxie Studios are optimized for laptops & PC browsers. No downloads required. You can also join Moxie Studios on certain tablets and mobile devices. Please review our help files for best practices and tips.
– The warm up room opens 15 minutes before the class begins.
– Following the class you will be asked to provide feedback. Your input helps us improve!

Sign up today to help me get started!

Register here.


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