Social Distancing Events

I had my first social distancing event last weekend. It was superbly organized by the staff at Brightview. The residents at the senior citizen living center are accustomed to a large affair for their annual luau. Due to COVID-19, many businesses needed to adjust their methods for delivering their services and that includes vendors and other entertainers.

I usually present my performance with a handheld mic. This time, I opted for a wireless mic headset. It worked out perfectly and was much louder than the basic handheld type that previously accompanied me to these types of events.

We got rained out towards the end, but the it was a break from the norm for those residents who were able to see me. They watched from the protection of their terrace. Audience participation was adjusted as well. Because most sported masks, I limited teaching to just arm movements. The majority of the performance consisted of explanation and cultural history of the dances with only myself demonstrating.

I am very grateful for the opportunity of performing a live show even whilst social distancing. There are other options for events now. I am also offering virtual presentations for people at home across the country.

Contact me for more information. Stay safe!


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