Where to Find Dance and Other Classes Online

Read this article if you are a parent looking for online homeschooling options, looking for your own online instruction, or an instructor needing additional or full-time income.

We are all learning how to navigate this new world of ours. While parents scramble to figure out their children’s school patterns in the upcoming (or for some, the current school year), enrichment classes like martial arts, dance, cheer, art, yoga, and music classes have stalled. Businesses that offered enrichment classes, whether they offered classes at a separate location or provided after school classes traveling to different locations have changed and adapted to the new environment.

Some businesses that cater to children and/or adults are now offering private lessons to help with social distancing. Contact your local music center, studio, etc. to see if that is something they are offering or if they are continuing virtual classes via Zoom or some other video chat platform.

The advantage of virtual learning is that students from around the world and country can now experience more class types than ever before. Here are some of the more popular platforms for virtual learning for either kids or adults.

  1. Outschool – Outschool was around before the pandemic and catered towards home schoolers and enrichment for kids around the country. Because the schedule of classes is conducted by the teachers, schedules are flexible for children anywhere in the US. I believe now, they have opened up internationally. When the pandemic and lockdown hit the country, Outschool became a much needed outlet for kids at home as well as teachers who needed additional income. I teach on Outschool and offer classes such as Musical Theater, Yoga, Ballet, Belly Dance, Cheer Dance, and Hula Dance. I have enjoyed many students from around the world and hope to see your child there. Outschool is only for children. Outschool only provides live classes with specific time slots based on the instructor’s availability. It is good for social engagement in a virtual social distancing setting. If you are an instructor (and you can offer classes ranging from art, language, music, history, etc.) please use my referral link here to join. If you are a parent use my invitation link for a $20 credit towards your first class.
  2. Udemy – Udemy is a world renowned platform for online courses. Udemy offers courses which include a minimum of 30-minute video instruction. Courses may also include quizzes, flashcards, or other learning tools. The benefit of Udemy courses is that after purchase, you can return to the course time and again and review the material. I currently offer a Hawaiian dance tutorial and will be offering other courses as well. Most classes seem geared towards computer programming or languages, but you can still find a variety of dance or workout classes.
  3. Homeroom – Homeroom is another platform similar to Outschool. I have not explored this outlet yet, but am considering teaching here as well. They seem to offer a variety of enrichment classes such as musical theater and art. More heavily focused on academics for people resorting to homeschooling. More and more parents are turning to alternative learning this year as uncertainty remains regarding the full opening of schools and the threat of COVID-19 infection.
  4. Moxie – Moxie is an online live streaming platform geared towards adults. They offer yoga and fitness classes with live instruction. Additionally, you can stream music while you workout or for fun. This is similar to Outschool and Homeroom except for adults and only workout classes. You can also become an instructor here too if you are qualified to teach these type of classes.
  5. Subscription classes – Dance Magazine has their own list of online dance platforms. Most of these require monthly subscriptions and are geared towards the aspiring or professional dancers. Click on each individual link for their specifications for either teaching or learning.

I will be happy to add additional resources if you know of another great platform. Send me a message. Happy learning and stay safe!

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