New Book Out on Amazon | The Crescent

Hi everyone! Amazing news. I have just finished the copyright for my book The Crescent : A Novella. It’s an anthology and my first published book.

The eBook is available now. I’d appreciate your support on this new endeavor.

Read more:

“There is a town that is similar to a few other small time places in the US. It’s a countryside oasis for both its longterm citizens with roots spanning over generation after generation and urbanites transplanting quickly with their lifelong dreams of “country life” or raising backyard chickens. On the cusp of suburban development, different ideals, values, and experiences come into play.

Meet the colorful townsfolk of Crescent as they face off amidst a global pandemic. A retired veteran squares off with a bear in his backyard. Two Mexican restaurants compete on the same street. A young woman from town is lost at sea. A man meditates with a gun in hand every day on his front porch. These are just a few neighbors residing in Crescent, VA .

Laugh along to the idiosyncrasies of every day living, unusual circumstances, dreams, fitting in to a new place, and everyone having to get along despite their opposing beliefs.”

You can purchase your copy now for only 2.99.

The Crescent by Cindi Lin

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