Subscription Classes

New subscription/ongoing classes have been offered on Outschool.

  • How does an “Ongoing” course work?
  • Meets on a weekly schedule, join any week, no need to catch up on previous material
  • Live video chats, recorded and monitored for safety and quality
  • Discussions via classroom forum and private messages with the teacher
  • Automatic payment every Sunday, cancel any time
  • Great for clubs and for practicing skills

My Hula for Kids class and Kids Yoga are the most popular classes. However, I wanted to add a subscription option separate from the session classes. This will allot parents or families with conflicting schedules some leeway in flexibility and easily allows me to accommodate scheduling requests.

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The subscription classes for Hula is called Hula Dance Workshop.

Each weekly workshop, we will learn basic Hawaiian arm and foot movements plus a different Hawaiian Hula dance.

Hula is the dance done in Hawaii. Hula tells a story. There is modern Hula otherwise known as auana style and kahiko, which is traditional Hawaiian chant dances. Modern hula can be danced to music sung in either English or Hawaiian.

Students will learn a portion of Hawaiian Hula Dance and Music in US history. They will also learn basic steps and Hula movements. We will learn the dance Huki Lau but that is not the goal of this class. The goal is to have a positive introduction to the world of Polynesian Arts through Hawaiian dance.

This is a weekly subscription class. For each class scheduled in each section, we will learn a different Hawaiian Hula dance.

Students start with a basic understanding of Hawaiian culture and how its American history. Each lesson will encompass classroom study of past and present customs. Basic footsteps for the dance will be given with detailed instructions. Hand movements and the understanding of it in the text of the dance will be provided. Each individual subscription class will feature a different Hawaiian Hula dance but begin with an explanation (review for past learners) of Hawaiian Hula movements.

Students need enough space to move freely and be seen by the teacher for corrections and suggestions. Students will be instructed prior to the class which dances they will be learning.

More info here.

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The Kids Yoga subscription class is called Yoga Practice for Kids.

In this weekly subscription class, children will get to practice yoga every other day in a fun and creative manner. This class is designed for children who love yoga and using their imagination.

Students will practice the fundamentals of yoga starting with child-centered sun salutations, overall body stretch, focus on flexibility, and learn to build yoga sequences through play and imagination. Use your imagination and engage with me! We can pretend we are at the farm, beach, Antarctica, Paris, park, or zoo. What kind of animals, plants, food, activity would you see at your desired location? There’s a yoga pose for almost anything.

This class uses yoga, movement activity such as frog jumps, poses, and exercise to keep kids active, flexible, and centered. Based on my popular Kids Yoga 30 Minute Imagination and Stretch.

More info here.

For regularly scheduled session classes click here for Hula Dance and here for Kids Yoga.


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