Hula Dance on Moxie Raising Funds for Takis Shelter

Take dance classes with me on MoxieLearn the Hula, Tahitian, Belly Dance, Stretch, and Samba2-4 classes minimum a week!
I have been enjoying teaching my Learn Hula, Tahitian Drills, Belly Dance Fitness, and Stretch for Dancers classes on Moxie. It’s been a fun and productive way for me to support myself while building my realty business up. Recently, I’ve discovered Takis Shelter. You may have seen his Dodo video explaining how he gave up his nightclub to rescue dogs all over Greece. I have been in contact with his volunteer team and I am going to donate 10% of my monthly Moxie subscription donations to Takis through the end of December 2020. Please help me make my goal of donating a sizeable donation to Takis Shelter and perhaps raise funds so my family and I can visit Takis in person next year, volunteer, and adopt! 
So, right now, if you sign up on my monthly subscription plan, you’ll be getting opportunities to work out in some very fun dance styles and you’ll be giving back too! I schedule 2-4 classes a week! A monthly subscription is $35 a month and you can cancel anytime. The savings are huge!

To help you get started, I’m sending you $7 Moxie credit for your next class with me. Click the link below to redeem.

I also offer Flexpay classes for those of you needing flexible options due to recent life changes in your finances. 
Here’s More Information About Takis ShelterIn this shelter in Ierapetra,Crete, Takis takes care of more than 350 stray dogs he rescued, help us to find a forever home for them by sharing our albums,and help us keep the shelter alive.
Takis was passing from the rubbish area of his hometown Ierapetra Greece and that changed his life. There he found a dog with a broken leg that he started to take care. Soon he was taking care of 40 dogs in that area. People started threatening him so Takis bought a land and built Takis shelter in 2013. Soon Takis’ money run out and he had no help from local authorities or from the government. He created this facebook page in 2015 so that people can see his work and donate. Takis is running the shelter alone and the shelter is running 100% from donations. The shelter now hosts more than 350 dogs, 50 cats, 6 goats and 2 sheep. The monthly expenses of the shelter are around 8.000 euros. The situation in Greece is very difficult concerning animals. Read more…
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