Hoop Dance Workout

I remember when hoop dancing was a niche community and we all knew who the top hoop dancers were. Now, hoop dance has become a global phenomenon up there with aerial artists and pole dancing for fitness. Hoop dance is an art and workout format primarily using a weighted hoop or circus hoop to perform manipulations while dancing.

There’s many fun “tricks” a beginner hoop dancer can do while they’re learning. But for most steps, I would give myself 2-3 months of active practice (almost every day, a dedication of 30-75 minutes) before it’s executed smoothly.

The first step is to learn how to truly hoop around the waist. With all dance forms, we begin with basics. I’ve listed a few tricks below that a beginner might accomplish right away as an incentive for continual practice. And plus, it feels better on the psyche when we accomplish something rather than feeling frustrated in our learning environment.

Right now, I’m offering Hoop Dance Workout sessions on Mondays via Moxie, 5 PM EST for 30 minutes. Come join the fun and be a kid again.

Trace the Hoop and other easy tricks
Weave and other hand tricks


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