Heal Through Dance #LoveYourBody

Heal Through Dance – As someone who has experienced typecast and unhealthy body expectations in the dance world, I struggled with finding a home for my body in dance. I have loved dance all my life. Growing up, there was a certain body type that was valued above others. I believe in exercising healthy for the joy of it, not because of unhappiness with self-image. I began exploring women-centered, hip-centered movements before these dances became more widely mainstream. They have been and are always body positive. Not only are these dance styles accepting in many circles, but they are also diverse in culture and identity. Even if you hail from another culture, you will find many concepts and themes relatable. Please join me for a fun class celebrating womanhood. We will begin with a Hula dance warm-up, stretch, followed by Belly Dance drills for our whole body, and learn a short Tahitian dance phrase.

Register for the class on Moxie – Saturday, March 27, 2021, 2-3 PM EST. Here.


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