Neck Stretches and Other Ergonomic Exercise

Feeling a little like a turtle after a long day at work? Even if you don’t have a desk job, almost everyone nowadays can be seen bent over their iPad or hunched over a laptop. Sometimes, people are still checking their phone in the midst of conversation. All of these repetitive actions have consequences that are bodies must endure.

I plan on putting together a little stretch video with concentration on our joints. These exercises might alleviate some tightness in our bodies that accumulates over time from bad postures. Follow me on Instagram @kinikialk for announcements. Until then, here are some suggestions.

Neck Exercises

You can do these anywhere.

1). Sitting up tall, keep your abs engaged. Slowly, look as far right as you can without moving the shoulders. Breathe. Return center and repeat to the other side.

2). Keeping a straight posture, clasp your hands behind your head with elbows splayed. Now try to touch the chin to the chest and drop the elbows as you do this. Now inhale and open the elbows simultaneously. You should feel a stretch across the chest.

3). Do slow half head rolls. Start by lulling the head to the right, ear to shoulder, drop the chin chest and over to the other side. Breathe.

Wrist and Ankles

Make sure to point and flex the feet whenever the chance arises. You can do this at your desk or if you’re watching tv.

Do wrist rolls like a Belly Dancer. Open and close the fingers as you do so. This will give her hands and wrists some relief from any swelling that builds up during the day from curving over the keyboard.

Stay tuned for more ideas!


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