Kids Yoga 30 Minute Imaginative Play and Stretch

Kids Yoga 30 Minute Imagination and Stretch

Multi-Day Course – This is a special short session class designed to keep kids active, flexible, and engaged while staying at home.

If your child is home-schooling (and I’m aware that a lot of kids right now are in the same situation), consider signing up for one of my online courses at Outschool.

Class Experience
Students will practice the fundamentals of yoga starting with child-centered sun salutations, overall body stretch, focus on flexibility, and learn to build yoga sequences through play and imagination. The class format may include singing, class participation, and utilizes a non-slip mat. This class was specifically designed to help kids stay active during their stay at home period.

Learn Sun salutations, tree pose, supine pose, lateral poses, and relaxation techniques.

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