Ballet – Live Your Dance

Ballet – Live Your Dance

Multi-Day Course 

Learn the fundamentals of ballet and the drills you need for practice.

Class Experience
Students will learn the basic positions used in ballet, barre exercises, and floor combinations geared towards building a strong beginner foundation in ballet. Ballet is a great fundamental dance style that develops a core vocabulary of dance movements utilized in many other dance forms. Ballet has also been helpful for athletes who garnered a deeper understanding of their own body from the practice of dance.

Each session will build on the previous session with a review at the beginning of class. Students will attain a greater understanding of musicality, ballet etiquette, and gain muscle coordination and strength.
Students are encouraged to utilize the exercises learned in class and practice safely on their own in between classes.

This is a 45-minute class. Students will need to be in an appropriate space where they can move, glide, and turn without distractions or bumping into furniture. They should position themselves, so their whole body including feet can be observed for guidelines. The above video is an advertisement for a downloadable practice guide to work on their own during the week.

Have a chair available or a wall for use as a stable barre replacement if you do not have a portable barre at home. You can sign up kids at Outschool.

Ballet – Practice with Kinikia


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